Token Value & Investing

What is a Token’s Fundamental Value

Bitcoin Price and Metcalfe Value

Token’s Utility and Supply Matter

Token Investing

  1. Adoption curve of the project
  2. User growth projections
  3. Existing or upcoming token efficiency (Utility and Supply)
  4. Potential risks of the project
  1. They both are on the low end of the adoption curve of a big shift to digital currencies. Celsius has a 1 year advantage to Voyager and this shows in current AUM and users.
  2. Celsius ended 2020 with ~100k active users and Voyager ~50k and both are growing at 20% month over month, likely accelerating in the first part of 2021.
  3. Token efficiency. Comparing both companies to 40k users, CEL had a token efficiency of roughly 30% with an R2 of 70%, VGX had a token efficiency of 25% and an R2 of 67%. Pretty similar even though one is a security token and one is a utility token.

Conclusion — Part 2



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