Voyage(r) Update — 2/5/2021

Pat Ackerman
4 min readFeb 5, 2021


What an exciting start to 2021. Voyager’s PR department is earning their keep with already 14 press releases so far YTD. New coins being added, new investor presentations, huge growth in customers and AUM, raising $40M+ over night. Every week, unbelievable growth is happening at Voyager. And as I keep saying, we are just getting started.

The latest announcement sheds some light on the rapid rise of the company. AUM up to $800M, funded accounts over 106k, revenue over $8.5M and rising fast in Feb., net deposits over $120M, 30k trades per day…. (you can read yourself). Every possible metric is up SIGNIFICANTLY. This explains the absolute moon mission $VYGVF and $VGX have been on so far for the year. This series was called Voyage(r) to the Cosmos for a reason. Let’s dive into the charts to see what is happening fundamentally.

VGX Price and Value Update

VGX is now up over 1,600% for the year. It’s been playing out almost exactly as planned. As laid out in Token Value & Investing, increasing user growth on a small supply can have explosive price action. We are in a period of consolidation as Voyager struggles to get all the waitlisted customers on to the platform.

Looking at the value pricing model, I really like where we are consolidating. The VGX price is right in-line with the 50% token efficiency trend line. The actual regression line is showing 44% efficiency, but I believe the undervalued consolidation around $1 is pulling the relationship down. Given we are right at fair value today, Voyager’s work to bring tens of thousands of waitlisted customers onto the platform, AND the new loyalty program announcement just around the corner… buckle your seat belts. We are about to hit acceleration again.

VYGVF Price and Value Update

The Voyager stock is up 91% on the week and up over 300% YTD. Not too bad, but the market continues to struggle in pricing the insane growth. As I called out in the Voyage(r) Update — 1/16/2021 article, the stock was easily 25% undervalued at the time. Given the revenue numbers out this morning, I don’t think we are far away from $15-$20 especially given the dramatic increase in trading activity and revenue.

Looking at the AUM value pricing model, it would show VYGVF is slightly ahead of itself. I take it with a little grain of salt given the increase in trading activity, but the model continues to be a good predictor for the stock price. The crypto market as a whole is also seeing a continued increase which is a good sign for VYGVF in the short term.

Update Conclusion

January was a banner month for Voyager in about every number possible. The glaring black eye for the month was the platform outage and waitlisted customers. As they get everyone onto the platform, February is setting up for an even better month. 2021 is the year of Crypto, and Voyager will become a household name.

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Disclosure: I am a current VGX token holder. This is not financial advice. This article is for informational purposes only. Do your own research or seek out the professional advice from a financial advisor.



Pat Ackerman